My name is Dan…

about…but you’ve probably guessed that. I have been a creative marketing professional for more than 7 years. While my site focuses on a creative based portfolio, I enjoy all aspects of marketing from marketing planning, lead generation/nurturing, design and video, and analytics/campaign measurement.  My background is diverse and I look forward to partnering with you!

My story starts in Akron, Ohio, the home of cloud cover and Luigi’s pizza. Following graduation from The University of Akron with a degree in Marketing, Communications, and Business Administration, I relocated to Dallas, Texas, home of sunshine and swimming pools. I vowed to never move back to Ohio. After three years in Dallas I moved back to Ohio… I like to say I’m a boomerang child that landed a little short. Columbus, Ohio is now home, and I love it.

I’ve worked for businesses large and small in a variety of industries. My goal is to provide all clients and employers with an unmatched work ethic, commitment to your goals, and phenomenal creative work.

More Than A Creative Marketing Expert

In addition to graphics and creative marketing, I am well versed in marketing planning and processes. I have helped numerous B2B and B2C organizations in improving their strategy. From basic Inbound Marketing, to executing full-service multi-channel campaigns, and measuring analytics, I enjoy working in a variety of areas to help reach organizational goals.

Application Portfolio

•Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and some Dreamweaver.
about3•Final Cut Studio for video production.
•Professional photos and videos with DSLR cameras

Additional Nuggets

I am a passionate story teller and brand ambassador. The goal of any quality marketing work is not only to impact the bottom line, but to tell the story of your brand and involve potential customers in that story. Any company that says that marketing’s soul purpose is to make money will have a weak brand. In our hyper-competitive market customers have more choices than ever. In many cases we see customers looking for brands that represent themselves. The lowest price, or the company with the biggest bank account, does not necessarily win. That is why I love to work with brands and companies that are committed to holistic marketing. Are we going to enhance your brand and grow sales while we do this? Yes! Telling the story of your brand helps customers feel a part of your products and service. When customers feel this they become ambassadors for your brand, and market for you. That is the most exciting part about being in this field, and makes me the most excited about working with you. Let’s get started!