Springtime Portfolio Sprucing

By March 29, 2014Snow, Website Updates

Today, I’m happy to launch my new portfolio!

It’s a lazy Saturday today at my house, and the weather outside isn’t helping me move towards a ‘spring mindset.’ It’s hovering around the freezing mark and there is wet snow falling outside. I am a sunshine and summer addict, so this kind of weather makes me want to sleep, drink a lot of coffee, and hunker down. I guess the weather can’t be completely written off, because because it actually enabled me to polish some of the site up to finally launch.

Thank you for taking some time and looking around. My intent is to keep the site up-to-date with new creative projects and blog posts. Look around, comment on posts, and share stuff you like. You can easily get in contact with me by submitting a contact form and finding me on LinkedIn by clicking the link in the footer. I would be happy to answer any questions for you and take any suggestions for future posts.

Let’s plan on meeting back here again often.


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